Save money AND time with the EASIEST and FASTEST ways to 
freeze vegetables, herbs, and fruits.

Never wonder again if something can be frozen or how you can keep fresh food from going bad with your busy schedule.

Easiest, fastest ways to freeze 30+ vegetables, fruits & herbs - and what NOT to freeze.

Tips for easy freezer preservation, photos, LOTS of ideas for using your frozen produce, AND resource section with inventory, record pages, and more.

BONUS section of recipes to freeze your own "convenience" foods from seasonal produce that make meal prep a breeze through the year.

Say Goodbye to Your Overflowing Garden and Kitchen Counter!

Get everything you need to help you freeze the most popular vegetables, fruits, and herbs in just minutes so you can...

Reduce waste & save money. 

 Eat healthier. 

 Have peace of mind with a stash of healthy food.

Kitchen tested techniques ALL IN ONE PLACE without wasting time searching the internet.

Don't just dream about a freezer full of healthy vegetables and fruits ready for
your meals and recipes - start right now!

What You Get Inside Freezing Produce the Easy Way

Complete Instructions

Supplies, how to freeze, pro tips, and ideas for using 19 vegetables, 9 fruits, and most herbs.

Bonus Freezer Recipes

Use your produce to freeze things like pesto, tomato sauce, muffins, meatballs, jam, pie, and more.

Game Changing Resources

Buy, organize, keep track of your freezer preserving with printable sheets.


Imagine if...

You could take advantage of seasonal produce sales and/or use all your garden produce? 

 Have a freezer full of healthy fruits and veggies you could grab to make recipes in the winter? 

 You were a preserving queen, “putting up” food when it’s the cheapest and most nutritious, even with your busy life?

Hi, I'm Jami

When I first started gardening more than 20 years ago, no one told me about the months when ALL the things seem to ripen all at once. I found myself drowning in tomatoes, peppers, and green beans - with two kids, responsibilities, and life to still do.  

I couldn't bear to see all my hard work go to waste, though, so I started freezing produce, even though I thought it wasn't "real" preserving. I boiled, blanched, and pretty much sweated my way through a couple years before I thought, "There has to be a better way."  

After experimenting with different methods of freezing food, I discovered that the simplest techniques are often the best (again!!) and result in just as good an outcome - and sometimes even BETTER in both flavor and nutrition.

I've compiled all my tips, tricks, and shortcuts into this 60+ page ebook to help you learn all the best ways to freeze - and use - your vegetables, fruits, and herbs WITHOUT the learning curve I had.

It's my hope that it will change your preserving/ gardening life, saving you time, money (by reducing waste), and helping you to eat healthier all year long!

Frequently Asked Questions
Is This A Physical Product?

No, this is a digital product that you will gain access to immediately so you can start using it right away! 

You download to your device and use it there OR you can print it out, bind it, and use it that way. Printing it means you can use it as a freezer record keeper, too, though you can also just print out as many of those pages as you need.

BUT - if you'd like to order a coil-bound physical version of this freezer ebook you CAN! 

Click on this link to go to An Oregon Cottage's Shop to order.

Do I need a separate freezer to use this ebook?

No! The techniques in this book work for everyone, whether you're a gardener or shopper, have a huge freezer, or just the freezer with your refrigerator. 

If you have produce you bought and is going bad, you can use this to freeze a baggie or two and save it, helping both your wallet and the environment!

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